Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.

What Darkness Brings

It has been near 100 years since the events of Broken Earth, nearly an eternity in the ravaged wake of the Great Storm of ‘76. No one’s altogether certain what caused the event, but its effects are still felt in the bitter chill and the biting wind that carries madness. The seasons have become stark, and for some, never ending.

The Coalition has restructured itself into the Human Confederacy, connecting human populations through the Northern Hemisphere, and through several parts of the Southern, trading technology and tactical information in their war against anything alien or inexplicable. Not that their war isn’t a just one, however, in the wake of the slumbering beasts and that hungering tides that ebb and flow with each passing Ley Storm.

Military expansion has slowed over the last century, focusing more on securing borders and resources, while increasing military power. Communities outside the HC have sprung up into small city-states, ruled by the most wealthy, or the most armed; usually both.

Where We Begin..

The players find themselves in the biting chill of the Arivada Wilderness, on the western edge of the Coalition’s borders, an area patrolled by beasts and beast hunters, neither have a particular worry about harming them. The Wilds have been in the midst of a deep winter for close to 75 years now, and the sun is rarely seen behind a sickly pale disc behind the rarely thinned clouds.

The city is Enoch, and it’s run by the relatively free wheeling Demetrus Bahay; a former Coalition Military Officer turned bordertown burgomeister. He has no interest, it seems, in killing or quelling D-bees, but rather is simply harsher on them than others.

Enoch trades frequently with the small border barrack town of Parowan of the HC, typically through under-table and back room deals for goods the Coalition considers to be contraband or illicit.

The players begin as citizens of Enoch, either as workers or hunters, of the general populace. They are either transplants from nearby communities that got consumed by the winter, or locals from the area.

The World as We Know It

Character Creation describes in some detail the general guidelines of putting your character together, as well as detailing a bit more of the backstory from a character-level perspective. Included there will be links to example D-Bees and character packages, to ease character creation and provide ideas for players to jump from.

The Broken Earth Guide gives you a more broad and expansive overview of the Broken Earth setting, including a Campaign History and a general discussion of each of the nations, and their military forces.

Encountered Locations provides information on map markers and places the characters have discovered, both before and in-game, which they can use for easy reminders or for their own edification.

Factions and NPCs describes how each Faction currently seems to feel about the players, and how likely they are to receive help there, as well as descriptions and details on encountered and important NPCs.

Equipment and Materials gives the player a look at the gear and tech they’ll have access to at character creation and beyond, as well as a discussion on building materials for their own projects for more craft-interested characters.

House Rules will give players a good overview of House Rules being used in this Reign Campaign, and how they apply to the characters.

Character Graveyard area will give a place to remember the characters and important NPCs who have come and gone in game.

All for Sorrow